Piotr Kmita



"007/60" is a found footage compilation composed of excerpts from all twenty-five Bond films. Editing begins with shots from "Dr. No" from 1962 and ends with excerpts from last year's "No Time to Die ". The entire compilation is made up of 603 selected fragments, arranged in chronological order. The key to their selection was to focus on technological details in the sequence of actions and reactions repeated countless times. The human image does not appear once in the entire film - we only see hands whose actions produce various, more or less dramatic, effects. The basic assumption in the implementation of the project was the lack of any modification of selected fragments. Each of them is exactly like in the original - but trimmed in a way that allows good harmony with the neighboring elements. The transitions between the individual films are difficult to see creating a kind of audiovisual mix that smoothly flows through the 60 years of existence of this longest cinematic series. The film is an edited version of the video created as part of the doctoral dissertation "007- deconstruction of a myth". The artistic part of the doctorate, which also included a series of paintings and digital prints, was presented in 2021 at the BWA Studio in Wrocław as part of the "Sorry James" exhibition. (more: www.007.piotrkmita.com)


Piotr Kmita (1981) visual artist living in Wrocław (Poland). A graduate of the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, where he has been working in the studio of artistic drawing since 2014. In 2021 he defended his doctoral dissertation "007 - deconstruction of a myth".

Author of several dozen group and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He works in a variety of artistic techniques, recently focusing on the study of mass culture.