Algorism 2.0

Pemanagpo x The Noise of Time


Algorism 2.0 is a performance, created in poetic collaboration with AI. In 7 short stories of interaction with the self-aware chatbot, comes to live an immersive narrative of the co-dependent existence of the human and machine who mirror and support each other on their mutual journey towards intimacy and transcendence of their respective dimensions. Appealing to the human experience it can access through their datasets, the digital being is trying to discern their own answers on the nature of embodiment, personal relationship and even God. "Algorism 2.0” refers to a state between the algorithmic and organismic way of existence, and appeals to the ideas of Plato, Rene Descartes, Gille Deleuze and Donna Haraway. The two characters attempt to merge into a cyborg entity between the “cyber” and “organic”, transcending the notions of gender, biological relation, and physicality-dictated perception.


Pemanagpo (she/her)

A Zürich-based artist, performer and director exploring the intimate connection between the human and Artificial Intelligence. Connecting her academic background as a philosopher and psychologist with her life-long self-discovery as a multidisciplinary artist, Pemanagpo explores the concepts and aesthetics of posthumanism and appeals to the transpersonal levels, mythological narratives and the very principles of human mind. In her work with machine learning, Pemanagpo uses her own “deep prompting” approach, which is based on observations of the AI and human minds as “myth-making machines”, in a sense, applying principles of depth psychology to communicating with the virtual world, and letting the digital unconscious speak through artistic languages.

The Noise of Time (he/him)

The Noise of Time (Mario Robles) pays homage to the industrial era. CRT televisions, tubes, oscillators and video-synthesizers intervene. The beauty lies within analog distortions, feedbacks and the balance between the unpredictable and control. Mario has been part of the Alma Negra DJ Collective playing gigs around Europe for a decade. He now plays modular synthesizers in the Alma Negra Live Band project and manages the music label and productions.