Noise from the Matrix

Nicol Rivera

post-porno noise performance

Noise from the Matrix is a performance that through the use of a contact microphone creates an atmosphere of post-porno and noise. The action aims to generate a sound protest through the action of female masturbation and thus raise the voice of our disputed territory: a dissident body that cries out for the right to pleasure and its freedom of action in this political territory.

This is because in days of revolt, it becomes necessary to bring out the voice of our womb from the hidden, to make its essence sound, to disturb the territory that has been subjected by the patriarchy to the reproductive task for capitalist purposes. Today, we women have said enough is enough, my body is a territory that responds first and foremost to pleasure and enjoyment and not to compulsory reproduction.


Nicol Rivera Aro (Osorno, 1990). Chilean Performer and Researcher. She is an Actress with a specialty in playwriting, graduated from the University of Valparaíso (2015). Currently is a PhD candidate in Philology at the Leipzig Ibero-American Research Centre, within the Institute of Romanistics at Leipzig University. Currently based in Berlin, where she develops her work as an independent artist and researcher, focusing on the relationship between the body and technological interfaces, delving into gender discourse and post-porn with DIY electronics. She has made collective performances in Chile, Berlin and Poland. Playwright for the Tinta Negra company (Valparaíso, Chile). In an academic line, she has served as an assistant professor in the subjects of Movement V, History of Chilean Theatre and Dramaturgy at the theatre school of the University of Valparaíso (2016-2018). Also, presented papers at the VI International Congress of Current Hispano-American Dramaturgy (Concepción, Chile 2015), at the Metabody International Forum, Interface Chile (Santiago de Chile, 2015), and at the XVIII. Research Day: "Latin America / Iberian Peninsula" (Germany, 2020).