Nausika Papatheodorou

Naus go to the gym!


Something pleasant but obscene

The body as a gathering point of our political associations and desires, is arranged to look the subject / object of a torture. I use found digital photographic material from identical body positions blurring the lines between tortured body and gymnastic exercises at the point we do not know what is being recorded.The body image itself constitutes a fictional archive, where digital text, authentic photographic material from allover the web (pornography/ yoga tutorials/ torture footage) is further being cencored by drawings that allude to political violence. The digital aesthetic is then corrupted by the traditional manual techniques -lithography- that I use to produce the image. Interesting contradiction: a digital image printed by hand on a tangible material, a limestone. The all-powerful intangible technological way of producing the image is undermined by something so compact and poetic. And the boundaries between digital and manual remain indistinct.

The works are part of an ongoing project called Naus go to the gym!


She was born in 1997 in Athens, Greece. She studied at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of the School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki University in the Traditional Printmaking Workshop with the artist Giannadakis Manolis as professor, and graduated in February 2022 with a mixed media, printmaking installation exhibition and a master. She is currently creating a sound archive, by travelling and exploring installative and performative aspects of the so- called ‘’traditional’’ art of manual Printmaking.