Mila Gvardiol

Arhitectural imagination


I have always been attracted and fascinated by architecture. The reason of that is probably that I grew up surrounded by the buildings of the New Belgrade block (Part of Belgrade, capital town of Serbia). These rows of identical buildings, properly arranged, evoked in me associations with abstract geometric forms, while the architecture itself reminded me of the monumental monuments of the past.

In the "Architectural Imaginations" series, I abstracted buildings that were built immediately after the Second World War in the style of brutalism and socialist realism. I erased any sense of experience of architecture for them. I erased the sansce of space in which one lives and in which people move. I cancelled every trace of man, and reduced architecture to a monumental sculpture. I started from a photo of buildings, which I transposed into objects through digital manipulation. I portrayed their size and monumentality by presenting them from a frog's perspective. In this way, I indicated and aroused the feeling of admiration in the observer, which we feel every time we find ourselves in front of something grandiose.


Mila Gvardiol is a visual artist from Seriba. She was born in 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated at Faculty of Applied Arts - Applied painting Department in Belgrade. Mila also took doctors degree in Digital art within interdisciplinary studies of University of Arts. She is a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia and Association of Applied Arts and Designers of Serbia. Mila is employed as Associate Professor at the Academy for Digital Production in Sremska Kamenica, as well as at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She took part at 36 solo and over 250 group exhibitions and participates at international Digital Arts festivals and Fine Arts colonies. Mila was awarded several times for her artworks.