Martyna Benedyka

Experience Peace


In light of recent events, which are happening very close to my place, I wanted to create a piece that will express the feelings of those in potential danger. Some people feel safer than others. Some manage to forget about the war. But we are all in a state of limbo. I decided to examine this state and look for a way out. This work, which includes an aria from Georg Friedrich Haendel's first oratorio, aims to trigger memory and bring the before times that give us the necessary strength to live and to act.

The audiovisual installation mixes the video of the performer's hands in movement that expresses the artist's emotions while singing "Tu del Ciel ministro eletto" (from oratorio "Il trionfo del Tempo ed el Disinganno") with the recording of the Ionian sea waves sound (recorded by the author).

Lefkada, Greece, 2022


Martyna Benedyka (b.1991) is a contemporary visual artist, soprano, and teacher working in a wide range of media including painting, film and digital photography, collage, installation, and sound art.

She studied Art and Design at the Gray’s School of Art in Scotland, UK and graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art Painting in 2014. She has exhibited in the UK, Poland, Romania, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Czechia, Estonia, Switzerland, South Korea, Canada and the USA.

She is the recipient of British, Polish, and Romanian scholarships for her artistic achievements as well as the winner of international art residencies and competitions. Recent projects include: Futures, Photo Romania Festival 2022 (winner of the PRF Portfolio Review), Classix in Art 2022 (winner of the Classix Festival Music Grant), Eureka, DongGang International Photo Festival (winner 2022-23, South Korea), or DeStructura cross-border project (winner 2022-2023, Estonia). She is a member of the Futures Photography, Amsterdam (winner 2022). Her works are in public and private collections. She has performed internationally since 2004.