Maja Renn



A human character finds herself in an uncanny, timeless place. During an attentive exploration, she discovers that the artificial being has its own agenda. Tensions arise: Who is in control, and who will surrender? Breathing seems to be the only shared feature between the two. Both exhale into each other, inflate, deflate, recover. The movements of the human and the artificial body gradually entangle into one dance, a choreography of constant loss and regain. Together they become a two-fold organism in motion, a sum of their possibilities, a constellation in constant circulation, a post-human creature with multiple mouths.

Direction, Production and Voice: Maja Renn

Performance: Haeyeon Lim

Music: Zaumne

Spatial Installation: Fabio Don and Florian Dombois


Maja Renn is a visual artist and performance-maker based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Departing from her practice of conscious dreaming, she composes minimalist drawing, movement, and videopoetry into playful interventions and modular settings. Through her process-based and often collaborative work, she explores the potential of human bodies, approached from a post-humanist perspective, to form symbiotic constellations and embody visions for more response-able futures.