Maisha Maene


Genre : Experimental documentary

Duration : 9 minutes

Director : Maisha Maene

Camera : Abedi Mohamed

Casting : Agnes SIFA, Primo Jasmin

Production : Alkebu Film Production

Country of production : Democratic Republic of the Congo Year of production : 2020

Disgusted with the already deplorable behaviour of the human being towards his natural environment, NURU, a young woman citizen of the planet with an overflowing imagination, decides to paint herself motor oil which she uses as a metaphor to pass the message to the next generation. Trough this video installation, I question the deplorable behaviour of the human being towards his nature.

MAISHA MAENE is a Congolese screenwriter and director based in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Independent filmmaker, he is an alumni of third cinema, decomposition of the colonial gaze and photography of social justice at the Yole! Africa and RPDFI (Film Production and Distribution Network) in Goma. Afro-futuristic artist, he works on issues of human rights, the environment and seeks to reconstruct the fragmented history of his country. His films have been screened at several festivals around the world and won awards. In 2017, he wrote and directed his first short film REGARD. The film was then selected at the Congo International Film Festival in the DRC, in the TRANSCEND Exhibition in Pennsylvania in the USA, in the Congo

In Harlem in New York and won the jury prize at the Digital Gate In ternational Film Festival in Algeria. In 2020 he wrote and directed his second short film MOTHER NATURE which was selected at the Lleida International Film Festival in Spain and won the grand jury prize at the International Sustainability Short Film Competition in North Carolina, USA.