Jana De Troyer

Inneres Insektenballet


Inneres Insektenballet (2022) is a playful exploration of underlying anxiety levels attributed to the ungraspable speed of the contemporary rat race. Based on the structure of a musical composition, 11 little robotic bugs perform, dance and generate sound. Collective sonic and visual patterns emerge from the individuals’ choreographies. Whilst following their particular patterns, they cooperate and collide inside the framework they act in. Their movements resonate with their direct environment and create a sound spectrum going from drilling noise to peaceful meditative vibrations, and back. By making use of a form of dissociation, the artist invites the spectators to reflect on their own habits and the ways in which these might be quite similar to the ones of the boxed-in performers on the screen.


Composer-Performer Jana De Troyer positions herself at the dynamic borders between styles and disciplines. Concurrently, she deftly switches between her roles of composer, free improviser, instrumentalist, human, sound artist and programmer. Coming from a background as a contemporary saxophonist and a multimedia composer, Jana has always been curious about further exploring and fusing various modes of expression. This “Experimentierfreude” has brought about a myriad of creative collaborations with composers, musicians and artists from other disciplines such as visual arts, dance and coding. Her creative output consists of both instrumental and electronic music, as well as interactive installations, web art and audiovisual works. She has developed works for knitting guitar quartet (Fashionista’s), kissers (DU-O), a window cleaner (Putzzwang), a financially invested pianist (The machine doesn’t want to take my money), and more. At the core of her work is a deep sonic exploration of non-musical concepts, which often leads to the integration of interdisciplinary means. Pictures: See attachment in mail