Ganza Moise

Sensory Overload

Kiruri MFN, 2020

Seated in a bus after a long day, a mother drifts away in her existential thoughts. Blurring time, space and form ; Sensory Overload is an audio visual piece that explores how imagination can be an escape from the realities around us.


Ganza Moise is a published picture book author, poet and independent filmmaker based in Kigali, Rwanda. He is also the co-founder of Kiruri MFN, an independent production company based in Kigali, Rwanda. In 2015, he wrote and directed his first short film Despair. Since then, he has worked on more than 10 short films and one feature film as Assistant Director. He has also acted in I got my Things and Left by Mbabazi Philbert and Fishbowl by Ngabo wa Ganza. To date he has directed more than 8 short films; His films have screened in various film festivals worldwide including; the 2017 Silicon Valley African Film Festival, Cascade Festival of African Films (Portland), the 2018 AfrYKamera film festival in Warsaw and the Zanzibar International film Festival 2018 , Signos de noite 2018 , Africa In Motion 2019 and Hamwe Festival 2020 . His audio-visual piece “Sensory Overload” had its world premiere in the 67th Oberhausen International Film Festival where it won the jury’s special mention.

He is currently developing his feature film “Tears” which was selected in the 2020 Ouaga producer’s Lab. Among other projects, He is working on the post production first feature docu-fiction film ‘Kinema’ which he co-directed with Ryumugabe Remy , Kinema was selected for the 2020 Journees Cinematographiques de Carthage’s Takmil post production workshop.