Graciela Muñoz - Metanoia, para electroacústica y guitarra eléctrica

Matías Rosales - Demasiados enemigos, para guitarra eléctrica y electrónica

Javier Muñoz - Transmission, para un guitarrista y electrónica

Enrique Schadenberg - AG(+), para guitarras y electrónica

Presentation of the CD Guitarra+ by Andrés González

The works included in this compact disc are raised from the active collaboration between composers and interpret. All sounds come from a rich palette of timbres that give various kinds of guitars. Classical guitar, electric guitar, and bass guitar, together with others that act as speakers and electronics, configure an extended sonority that goes beyond the usual one of the traditional guitar.

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As a performer, he has performed concerts in various parts of Chile and Europe, either as a soloist or as a member of multiple groups with whom he premieres and records various works, some of his authorship, on different national and international stages.

As a composer, he has premiered several of his works on essential stages in Chile, Argentina, Germany, Spain and France. His works have been published under the SVR label, the Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel, Sello Modular and independent productions.

He was awarded together with the CGCL by the Regional Council of Culture and the Arts for his contribution to chamber music in 2009 and has obtained important recognitions for his works, as well as through government projects (FONMUS and FNEA).

Since 2015 he is a teacher at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. He is the founder and Director of the Modular Estudio de Música Actual (EMMA) and Artistic Director of the ensemble f®actura, belonging to the same institution.