Aleksei Martyniuk


Even though the art always goes hand in hand with modern technologies, there are those who criticize new, better tools or new forms of expression. With the massive development of machine learning algorithms in recent years, the fear of artificial intelligence as a special case of technophobia has received another round of misunderstanding in the artistic community.

With this artwork I wanted to shift the focus from this «xenophobic» tone and draw attention to more important questions.


Persistence of our vision transforms series of images into a complete single picture. Thaumatrop uses this feature and allows us to look at the same things from the both sides simultaneously. The Möbius strip, in turn, is a loop where the concept of a side/face disappears. The combination of these two elements through the scattered fragments creates a new view of my hometown Vladivostok.


The historical district «Millionka» turned out to be a kind of cage for the Chinese immigrants, who lived in Vladivostok at that time. A cage into which they were first driven, and then from which they were expelled. Images of individual people, recreated from archival photographs, like ghosts pass through 23 years of life. At the original exhibition, the projection was directed towards the ceiling through the scaffolding to epmhasize the architecture layers of the area and the situation itself.


Aleksei Martyniuk is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist. With the help of new media and technologies, he expands the boundaries of his own artistic practice. Aleksei Martyniuk treats his works as narrative experiments that allow him to react to discoveries made or ongoing events. Currently Aleksei is a student of the first in Russia practice-oriented master’s program «DA –Digital Art» at Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok.