Ai Sato

digital drawings


My current focus and interest is to create a series of digital drawings, which I recreate into the visual that consists from the photos I shoot from my everyday life, found images, and digitally drawn illustrations. I am fascinated by the process of layering the ordinal images and turning them into the visuals with depth and possibilities with evoking stories via Photoshop as a medium. Re-shaping and re-arrangement of the objects is a somewhat bizarre and fascinating experience: it is an inspiring process to use a piece or element of an object with taking the liberty to alter the original images, and using it sometimes in a very unexpected way to create new abstract reality.


Ai Sato: Born in Sapporo, Japan. She lived and studied in New York, the U.S, lived and worked in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, currently based in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.