Jonas Hümbs

My name is Jonas Hümbs, cameraman and editor, I am 21 years old and currently living in Cologne. With this summer, I completed my vocational training as an audio-visual media designer with many years of experience in the field of TV productions. In the past five years, I gained intensive experiences in the area auf audio-visual media. Mostly I have been working as a cameraman and editor, I filmed hundreds of television reports, worked on projects for clients or all the well-known major german broadcasters, shot music videos or short films. With my graduation movie "Wunschkind" (eng. planned child) I continued focussing on my passion for fictional storytelling, which I will be continuing in the future.





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There is a saying which goes "eyes are the mirror of the soul". For my whole life, I have been fascinated by the power of eyes. Not that they are just a captivatingly beautiful part of the human body, holding beautiful color, but also because of the words they hold within them. For "Iris", I worked with just three different pairs of eyes, trying to catch them in the most dynamic way possible. With a special macro lens, I was allowed to create ultra close-ups of our most important sense organ. To highlight them, I worked with a moving keylight on set, supported by a subtle sound design in post. Because even if there is nothing to say, no words left to describe how you feel, you just need to look into another persons eyes. No words needed - they will tell you everything. "Iris" is trying to capture that truth in a short, minimalistic edit, focussing on the color and movement of human eyes.